1. Some old LOST fanfics are wonderfully predictive.

  2. Hugo’s “Empire Strikes Back” fanfiction (auction, via ontd_lost)

  3. LOST Appreciation Week Day 7: Hugo’s hugs are the best.

  4. LOST Appreciation Week Day 6: Favorite scene(s): Inaugurating a new protector.

    Top: Mother hands Jacob a silver cup (something like a kiddush cup) of wine, and performs the most elaborate of the transfer-the-protectorate rituals.

    Middle: Jacob uses Jack’s cup, uses water, and the ritual is less elaborate.

    Bottom: Jack gives the water to Hugo in Ben’s battered old Oceanic bottle, and the ritual has been pared down to the bare bones.

    A sacrament is an outward, visible sign of the imparting of an inward spiritual grace, using a minimum of the proper form, i.e. ritual, and matter, i.e. the physical material involved. The intention to both receive and impart the sacrament must be present as well.

    In Christian baptism, for instance, the form is, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son,and the Holy Spirit.” The matter is the water, that must be poured on the body, and the intention is to baptize as the Church desires.

    Even though the ritual surrounding giving over the protectorship varies in all three situations, the matter (a liquid) is consumed, and the words are spoken, “Now you’re like me.” The intention is to convey, and receive, the power of the protectorship.

    The key here is that the ritual changes, but the essence remains.

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    …and these visions of johanna are now all that remain…

  6. LOST Appreciation Week Day 5: Favorite quotes

  7. LOST Appreciation Week Day 4:
    I really like some of the ships that don’t get as much love:

    1. Tom/Arturo
    2. Ben/Annie
    3. Alex/Karl

  8. LOST Appreciation Week: Day 3: Favorite Episode:
    4x01, “The Beginning of the End”

  9. LOST Appreciation Week Day 2: Favorite Character: Hugo Reyes
    (OK, I’m a day behind)

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    Queer LOST headcanons anyone? I have got LOST on the brain and queer LOST headcanons especially and no one to flail about them with~


    Please, y’all I need more queer LOST headcanons in my life~

    I have extensive head-canon about Ana Lucia and Libby, which could probably be turned into a one-shot.

    For awhile there were a bunch of promo shots like this floating around, which gave me the idea.