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    hungrywhitemale said: tbh i felt like the video shown at comic con was really weirdly put together you know how carlton cuse ended with "in celebration of this anniversary, the time has come" like what is coming?? what is it time for!!? and then the first scene they showed was jack shouting "we have to go back" and the whole question thing "do you remember? and everything... i dont wanna jump to conclusions and get my hopes up but it kinda seemed like a weird way to put everything together

    I’m not sure where they’re going to get the money for a LOST sequel.  It was hugely expensive back in 2004 and would only be more so now.  My guess is that they’re trying to keep the “buzz” going, sell DVDs and downloads (note that there was an Amazon ad at the end.)  Nothing wrong with generating buzz or selling DVDs, of course: I’d love it personally if more people got into LOST. (Then more people might read my fanfiction, ha!)  But I agree, it did look a bit “tease-y” for a possible sequel.

  2. This was apparently shown at 2014 Comic Con.

    The editing is highly selective in some interesting ways:
    - John Locke gets a lot of “screen time” for this brief two minutes, even though his story eventually evaporates, more or less.
    - Hugo is barely shown, and only then on the golf course, or stuffing his face, and then driving the Dharma bus (all “funny fat guy” visual memes which were largely discarded in Seasons 4-6.)
    - The flash sideways, the protectorship, and how Hugo ends up literally embodying the story’s culmination are completely ignored
    - The visual images are largely drawn from Seasons 1-3
    - It ends with a “plug” for Amazon, presumably to reach new viewers (although it’s pretty difficult to imagine that anyone at Comic Con hasn’t heard about “how the ending of LOST really sucks.” Which I suppose it does if you’re looking for an action/adventure sci-fi story.)
    - I fear for what “the next 10 years of LOST” remark is supposed to mean. Because an action-adventure sci-fi sequel where Hugo gets stuffed in a refrigerator in some way (sidelined, imprisoned, killed, otherwise ice-boxed) so some more adventurous type (Walt? oh please no) can go do epic battles is so not something I’d watch.

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    "Pala Ferry dock," Oahu [x]

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    Ferdinand Keller (German, 1842-1922)

    • Neptune’s Lair, 1904
    • The Pool, 1911
    • The Tomb of Böcklin, 1902
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  6. Title: Xanadu
    Length: 12385 words
    Pairing: Hurley x Claire
    Characters: Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Claire Littleton, Kate Austen, James “Sawyer” Ford, John Locke
    Rating: T
    Notes: Takes place during “Eggtown,” 4x04.
    Status: 6 Chapters, Complete

    Summary: John Locke’s small group carves out a life in the abandoned Barracks despite Locke’s increasing instability, while Hurley and Claire get to know each other better as they watch the glam-rock cult favorite, “Xanadu.”

    Read it on AO3

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    "Academy Ruins," by Zoltan Boros

    "Academy Ruins," by Zoltan Boros

  8. "God gave Noah the rainbow sign;
    ‘No more water but fire next time …’

    (image from Lostpedia)

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The heart of the ancient wood.


    The heart of the ancient wood.


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    Someone apparently tried to build tunnels into the Heart.

    Someone apparently tried to build tunnels into the Heart.